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Template features

The Pure theme is an ideal theme for active community, multi-blog or entertainment site. With Pure template BuddyPress looks like a real social net with personal pages, collections of statuses, group pages, streams etc. Powerful AJAX core and included WebSocket server allows do everything in real time without reload page. Flexible karma core allows manage user’s capabilities and rights automatically. In addition, with karma core users can rate any element in site: activity, post, event, comment, images and etc.

Everything what are needed

Pure template includes four basic post types:

Single post. It’s just a post with images, videos, audio and text for sure.

Event. It’s a post with same content like single post has, but also event has map link and a registration module. This module allows to members join to event.

Report. Reports looks absolutely like a single post with same content. But in addition, report has a collection of some rates. For example, such rates like “food”, “atmosphere” can be applied for report about some bar or cafe. All member can vote.

Question. This type of post is a part of Q&A module. In addition to standard content, member can attach files to question or add some code listing (code lighting is supports).

Demo content

Pure template gives two types of demo content: basic and advanced. A basic content is a collection of several posts, events, reports and questions. This demo content will be installed automatically (with a first activation of template).

An advanced demo content includes: members, friendships, groups, memberships and addition posts. An advanced demo content should be installed manually by your wish with one click in control panel.

Real social net

With Pure template BuddyPress looks like real social net. Let’s see:

  • Personal member’s pages with unique settings (backgrounds, face-images and etc.);
  • Backgrounds and face-images for groups;
  • Visibility settings for personal page – visible for everybody, for community or for friends;
  • Visibility settings for member’s posts.
  • Association posts with groups, for example some post can be visible only for members of some group.
  • Member’s streams. Member can collect favorite authors and discover only their content. And other user can “walk” on such streams.
  • Karma module for all. Comments, activities, images, posts – everything can be rated.
  • Privacy messages with attachments and protection from direct links (to attachments).
  • Admonitions in groups.

AJAX everywhere

We took a BuddyPress server core and added our powerful AJAX module. And we got an effective and unique AJAX-interface for BuddyPress. Most operations like, “ADD FRIEND”, “JOIN GROUP”, “UPDATE AVATAR”, “CREATE GROUP” and etc. will be done without reloading page. No more unnecessary reloading of page.

Get update immediately

A unique feature for WordPress + BuddyPress template – integrated webSocket server. It allows get personal messages, notification immediately without reloading page. Members of your site can see new comments and new activities immediately after, they are published by other users.

WebSocket server has “rich” settings in admin panel and several modes of work. You can use “launcher” which automatically starts server and manages memory usage. You can start server manually and see debug information.

For sure, Pure template works absolutely normal with switched off webSocket server.

Common communication center

One more a unique feature of Pure template – Common Communication Center (CCC). Personal messages, chat, notifications and controls of social actions are in one place and can be called by one click.

By the webSocket server, messages (of chat or messenger) and notifications appear instantly, as soon as they are sent.

Flexibility of developing

Pure template developed based on object-oriented programming. We created new two basic elements: component and template. You can add any count of your components or templates (thumbnails of posts, of comments and etc) in theme. You can copy / paste our template, modify it to make yours. And you will be sure – after update of Pure template all of your templates (inside Pure) will be saved.

By using components you can create a really cool things without waste of time. For example, you can create your own audio player in just one hour: create HTML layout of your audio player; mark some nodes as controls (play button, forward, previous, volume and etc) and attach Pure’s audio engine. That’s all. You shouldn’t care about JavaScript part, we’ve done it before.

Most developers of themes and templates don’t recommend to add some new in files of theme. But we say: you can do it. And don’t be afraid to break something or get problems with a regular updating. Structure of Pure’s code allows add your components and your templates. And we done much to make available way: copy/paste our template to create some new with little (or “huge”) modifications.

This is a fundamentally new approach to the development with WordPress.

Template features. Summary


  • Friendships;
  • Groups (public, private, limited);
  • System of admonitions (inside group);
  • System of karma (posts, comments, activities can be rated);
  • Private content (via friends, inside group only);
  • Real-time messenger (support: TinyEditor (formatted text), attaching images (with secure of privacy), attaching any file);
  • Real-time chat (support: attaching images, memes (static and animated));
  • Real-time notification center (action without reload page);
  • Activities (support: TinyEditor (formatted text), attaching images, memes);
  • Status (support: history of statuses, statuses gallery, several active statuses in same time);
  • Line of friend’s content – show last posts of friends.
  • Member can customize his personal page.
  • Member’s streams
  • AJAX forms to create groups, manage personal settings, manage statuses (quotes).
  • Visibility settings for personal page of members.


  • Post types: post, page (only for administrator), event, inserts, reports, questions;
  • Separated media library for each member;
  • No WP-Console access for members (include login form). But this option can be customized by administrator;
  • Association post with friends or groups.
  • Sandbox for new members (new members can write only inside sandbox).
  • Members haven’t access to WordPress administration panel, but they can add posts / events via own post editor.

Community administration

  • WordPress console protection;
  • Members permissions controller based on karma (automatically allows / denies comments, posts, events and etc.);

HTML, CSS and templates

  • Effective liquid layout for most types of screens.
  • Unlimited layouts and page templates.
  • Drag and drop page editor.
  • A unique system of templates (allows easy and fast create templates of some components)*
  • Thumbnails of posts with support: gallery, images, video, audio and embed content;


  • Full compatibility with JetBrains PhpStorm;*
  • Effective AJAX using.
  • WebSocket server with automatic launcher and manager of memory usage.
  • Clear JavaScript;*
  • Free from BuddyPress JavaScript and CSS;*
  • AJAX requests controller with flexible structure;*
  • Architecture of Pure template allows make safely improvement of template’s code;*


  • Popup login / registration / recover forms.
  • Powerful and easy to use template options.
  • Extremely flexible settings of widgets (allow define templates, periods, titles, wrappers and etc.).
  • Google maps integrated.
  • Manual and remote demo content importer.

* It will be interest only for developers.

Near future (improvements)

July 2015

  • Localization for most popular languages.
  • New action for karma system – action if member have gotten an admonition (in some group).
  • New sub-page on personal page – karma statistic
  • New widgets (comments, activities, tags, categories and maybe more).
  • New options for members widget (show online).
  • Login via facebook, google+ and etc.

September 2015

  • Woo commerce
  • Something more by requests of customers.

We will be glad to get your wish list. And we will do everything to realize it. Write to us be support email.

The community

A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values. Although embodied or face-to-face communities are usually small, larger or more extended communities such as a national community, international community and virtual community are also studied.

Best of us

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