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  • Freeze moment
    Dmitry Richerson

    There are many ongoing questions about different aspects of photography. In her writing "On Photography" (1977), Susan Sontag discusses concerns about the objectivity of photography. This is a highly debated subject within the photographic community. Sontag argues, "To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed. It means putting one's self into a certain relation to the world that feels like knowledge, and therefore like power."

  • Feel colors
    Dmitry Richerson

    During the 20th century, both fine art photography and documentary photography became accepted by the English-speaking art world and the gallery system. In the United States, a handful of photographers, including Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, John Szarkowski, F. Holland Day, and Edward Weston, spent their lives advocating for photography as a fine art.

  • Choose a way
    Dmitry Richerson

    Photography is the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

Possibilities of users

  • Isolated galleries

    Isolated image gallery for each user. Each user only has its own collection of images, music, video.

  • Post editor

    Editor blog is not connected with the administration panel. Any user can create posts.

  • Events

    Members can create events. Define places via Google Maps, invite other members, manage registration period.

  • Media

    Full media support: embed video like youtube, vimeo; audio and images of course.

  • Google maps

    Google maps are integrated. Your users can create some events and mark places where it will be.

  • All in one

    We collected everything in one place – chat, messenger and notifications center are in one place.

  • BP level up

    BuddyPress never was so comfortable and close to real social network. Personal pages and settings, own galleries and many other things.

  • Streams

    Your users now can choose own content. Each user can create own stream of content and discover streams of other users.

  • Social

    With Pure template, BuddyPress looks like real social network, your network. We created three basic pages: personal page with last activities of member; blog page with all posts of member and stream page – page with content, which prefer member. Your users can configure title images and backgrounds, create groups and find friends. All BuddyPress functions work in real time without reloading page.

  • Communications

    Great solution – we have combined messenger (aka mails), chat and BuddyPress notification. All are in one common place. Chat supports talks with several users or groups. Via messenger, your users can send any files. Memes or smiles and any images can be posted in messages too. But most important thing is WebSocket server, which allows do everything in real time.

  • Content

    Touch it immediately. Our post thumbnails can render all basic types of content: images, videos, audio and galleries. If author of post doesn’t create excerpt it will be generated automatically according content of post. If post has several images it will be combine into common gallery automatically too. Your users will feel it – it’s really comfortable.

  • Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, usually involving imaginative or technical skill. In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the aesthetic dissemination of art.


  • Art has had a great number of different functions throughout its history, making its purpose difficult to abstract or quantify to any single concept. This does not imply that the purpose of Art is "vague", but that it has had many unique, different reasons for being created. Some of these functions of Art are provided in the following outline.


  • Motivated purposes of art refer to intentional, conscious actions on the part of the artists or creator. These may be to bring about political change, to comment on an aspect of society, to convey a specific emotion or mood, to address personal psychology, to illustrate another discipline, to (with commercial arts) to sell a product, or simply as a form of communication.


Discover some pages

  • Front-page

    This one of many variants of front-page your site.


  • Member page

    Personal page of your members. Activities, friends, groups and etc.


  • Blog page

    Page of your member too, but with his content (his posts)


  • Group page

    Page of group with activites, members of group and content of group


With caring for the developer

Our template is open for any modifications. We did much to allow you use our code. Most authors of templates says – don’t modify the code – it’s dangerous. We say – use it, upgrade it, improve it. You can add your templates using simple copy/paste method; you can add your pages; you can do everything.

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  • Comfort

    Many functions of BuddyPress requires reloading page. We have solved this problem. Not only messages and notifications are updating in real time. Also all personal settings of your users are going in real time too without reloading page. Changing of avatar, creating of groups and many other things doesn’t require reload of page.

  • Protection

    Nobody except administrator has not access to WordPress panel. We did it to protect your site from any perils. For sure, you can cancel such protection, but we don’t recommend to do it. In addition, members of your site can define level of visibility own pages. It can be public, private or hidden.

  • Create your own policy

    Unique thing – KARMA controller. Posts, comments, images – everything can be rated by users. But you can create rules – what user can do. For example, you can define minimal level of KARMA, which allow to members create post or event. Or you can deny / allow to member post comments. KARMA is a powerful tool to control behavior on your site.


  • Easy & fast

    All controls of group now are in one common place. Moderator has fast and easy access to it. Management of group, management of members – now it’s comfortable.

  • Admonitions

    Now moderators can make admonitions to members of group. With admonition can be posted motivation of it. In addition, admonitions are counted.

  • Uniqueness

    As personal page of user, group page has own background and own title image. With Pure template groups will look uniquely according context.

  • Group content

    Members of group can associate own post with groups. Group gets own content. Such content can be visible for all, or only for members of group.


  • Statuses

    Members can create unlimited count of statuses (which are displayed on own pages); export statuses from other pages; activate and deactivate it.

  • Widgets

    We included many widgets. Each widget has many templates and you as developer can add your own templates without any risk of conflicts during updating.

  • Sandbox

    It’s great tool to manage content of your community. All posts from new members will be associated with sandbox until such members get enough value of KARMA.

  • Privacy

    Content like attachments in mails or images in chat are private and secured by Pure template. All attachments are not available by direct links.


The community

A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values. Although embodied or face-to-face communities are usually small, larger or more extended communities such as a national community, international community and virtual community are also studied.


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