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Before install

PURE template has webSocket server and it requires PHP Sockets and optionally PHP threads.

Installation PHP Sockets

Step 1. Be sure, that you have in your PHP folder (subfolder [ext]) file [php_sockets.dll]. The best way – just use file searching. If you have [php_sockets.dll] go to the step 3.

Step 2. You have to get [php_sockets.dll]. To do it: download the regular php zip file from; find the [php_sockets.dll] in the [ext] directory; extract the [php_sockets.dll] into folder [ext] of your PHP folder (on your server).

Step 3. Uncomment the line in [php.ini] – [;extension=php_sockets.dll] (remove “;” at the start). If you cannot find such line in your [php.ini], just add new one.

That’s all, you have PHP Sockets.

Install PHP Threads

Step 1. Find out what is your “PHP Extension Build” version by using phpinfo(). You can use this –

Step 2. Download the pthreads that matches your php version (32 bit or 64 bit) and php extension build (currently used VC11). Use this link for download –

Step 3. Extract the zip and:

  • Move php_pthreads.dll to the [bin\php\ext\] directory.
  • Move pthreadVC2.dll to the [bin\php\] directory.
  • Move pthreadVC2.dll to the [bin\apache\bin] directory.
  • Move pthreadVC2.dll to the [C:\windows\system32] directory.

Step 4. Open php\php.ini and add next line – [extension=php_pthreads.dll]

Important: pthreads requires a build of PHP with ZTS (Zend Thread Safety) enabled ( –enable-maintainer-zts or –enable-zts on Windows )

More information (including installation under not Windows see here

Can I refuse from PHP Threads?

Sure, you can. WebSocket server can work in two modes: none-thread and thread mode. Thread mode requires PHPThreads on your server. Thread mode will use automatically, if PHPThreads are installed. None-thread server is better for small systems – not more 500 users online at moment. And thread server is more stable for big systems with more than 500 users online. In addition, you should know, thread server “eats” much more memory than none-thread.

Install last version of plugin BUDDYPRESS

Go to [Plugins\Installed plugins] page and click [Add new]. In search line type [BuddyPress] and press [enter]



Click [Install] button.

Back on [Plugins\Installed plugins] page and click [activate].



Configure BuddyPress

Go to [Settings\BuddyPress] page and activate everything except [Site Tracking]



Configure permalinks

Go to [Settings\Premalinks] and choose [Post name]. PURE template can work and with other settings of permalinks, but most part of tests was with [Post name] option.



The community

A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values. Although embodied or face-to-face communities are usually small, larger or more extended communities such as a national community, international community and virtual community are also studied.

Best of us

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