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After install

You have installed PURE template, thank you. But you have to do a few little steps more.

Sandbox for KARMA (MANA)

PURE template has KARMA system, which controls member opportunities according his KARMA’s value. We call it “MANA”. So, if you want use it you should create some category which will be used as sandbox for users with low-level of KARMA.

Go to [Post\Category\] page and create new category.



Go to [Pure settings\Basic] page, find scroll “MANA” and define just created category there. And press [Save] button in this scroll.



That’s all. PURE template fully ready for using.

Email account

To send emails during registration of new members, we have to know your account. So, go on page [Pure settings\External services] and take a look on scroll [Mailer settings]. Here you should define parameters of email-account. Using this account, PURE template will send confirmation to members during registration.



Google maps account

Members of your site can create events. And they can define place, where event will be. But to show map, you should create google account and get account for google maps. Don’t worry, it’s free. And it can be do for 5 minutes (not more – be sure).

Step 1. Create google account. If you have google mail – you have google account.

Step 2. Visit Google developer page and follow instructions (there are a few simple steps).

Step 3. Copy / paste [API key] and [Client ID];

Step 4. Go on [Pure settings\External services] page, scroll [Google maps settings] and paste your [API key] and [Client ID];




Now you should do a few little steps in addition – create folders for chat and messenger. Such folder will be used for attachments (in mails and chat messages). So, go to your folder [../wp-content] and create two folders:

  • ../wp-content/messenger
  • ../wp-content/chat

Deny access to these folders from outside to prevent direct links to files there. You can miss this step and Pure template automatically create necessary folders, but in this case direct link to file (from private messages) will be possible.

Memes or smiles

To use memes or smiles in comments, activities, chat and messenger you should add such memes of smiles on your site. You can download memes here or create your own collection, using any files in *.jpg, *.png or *.gif format.

  1. Prepare your collection of memes or/and smiles. Or download our collection.
  2. In your [../wp-content/uploads] create folder with any name, what you like. For example, [../wp-content/uploads /messenger-memes].
  3. Copy into this folder your memes and smiles.
  4. Go to administrator panel section “Pure settings”, page “Messenger” and define there name of folder this smiles.



You can define different collections of memes and smiles for activities, comments and messenger. To define name of folder for activities, go to page “BuddyPress” (section “Pure settings”) and to define name of folder for comments, go to page “Basic” on similar page.

Compressor folder

Resources compressor automatically minify files (js and css) and store it in next folder:


Be sure, that this folder is and has necessary permissions for recording.

The community

A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values. Although embodied or face-to-face communities are usually small, larger or more extended communities such as a national community, international community and virtual community are also studied.

Best of us

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